Vision :

It is a fact that Indonesia has been recognized as low cost and low quality human resource pool. Also as the largest consumers of high technology in the world rather than as the producer. We believe that it is our education system’s responsibility to change it and also the one to blame. We believe that education should bring a better future to our young generation in particular and our nation in general. We also believe that our young people have the same quality compared with other nation in the world to be prepared to become the future world leaders in IT industry. It is Purwadhika Nusantara’s vision to build Indonesia to be one of the largest software producer and innovator in the world.

Mission :

Purwadhika Nusantara, through its international industry standard computer education focusing on Microsoft Cloud Computing Technology and its TRIADHIKA Principles, will educate the young generations to believe, to value, and to act on bringing the vision into reality.

The Logo :

The Logo of Purwadhika Nusantara shows the secreet of why people do what they do in this life. It all starts with a belief as the foundation which affects how they value everything, and which in turn influence their actions. It means that We must have the same belief in order to value the same way to this opportunity and then to take the right actions together which will make Indonesia be the best it should be.

The Name :

The Name of Purwadhika is from the two words Purwa and Adhika. Adhika means better in every positive respects, such as higher, smarter, greater, and so on. Purwa means the first or the best. Together as Purwadhika, it means the best in every positive respects. Then, Purwadhika Nusantara means as the university where you will find the best software engineers in our beloved Nusantara, Indonesia.

Founder :








Purwa Hartono, MSCNG BSCS

  • President of Institute of Technology Purwadhika Nusantara
  • President Director of PT.Purwadhika Logika Komputer and NeuroSoft Indonesia
  • MSCNG, Master of Science in Computer Engineering with Cumlaude, University of Southern California, USA, 1987
  • BSCS, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Magna Cumlaude, Northrop University, 1985
  • Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 1985
  • National Dean’s List Award, 1985
  • Who’s Who in the Asia Pacific Rim, 1991

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