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Do you prefer to repair your car at an authorized car service center where certified mechanics will do the job?

Or do you trust more to visit a certified, qualified Doctor, if you are sick ?.

If your answer is “Yes” to any of that questions, it means you value more the service from someone you know is qualified and certified to do the job right. In the IT industry that qualification comes in the form of Microsoft Certification.

If you want a qualified and certified professional giving you service, would not every Company wants the same thing.  That is what Microsoft Certification does for you. It proves that you are among  the “BEST” in your field and capable of doing the job or providing the service-competently.

You may think that Microsoft Certification is not important, and it is true if you just consider that you can still get a job anyway.  But with Certification, you will not only get a job much easier but also a job anywhere in the world with a much higher salary.  It is because you have the “PROOF” to ensure that you have the skills and the knowledge to work in the IT field on Microsoft Product/s.

Nowadays, most Companies and all IT Companies require Microsoft Certification as proof of your skills and competency. Microsoft Certifications ensure that you are the first choice of candidates for the jobs or the first choice for promotions if you are already employed.  Why ?.  It’s simple. Here are the main reasons:

1. Because it is hard to find this day a company that does not use any Microsoft product so most companies prefer to hire new employees who are certified already.

2. Employers have been frustrated for decades with the qualtity of fresh graduates who are not ready to use.

3. The economic condition that forces companies to do cost savings so that employing a certified employee will save cost and time, not to mention the risk if the new employee is found to be incapable at the end of the training period.