By Purwa Hartono MSCNG BSCS, Founder of Institute of Technology Purwadhika Nusantara

The cloud computing era certainly will bring a major changes, opportunities, and threats to all of us.

The changes

Every business will handle their IT needs differently than ever before.  They will outsource instead of doing in-house development.  They will rent everything they need for the IT instead of owning them.  One obvious benefit they get in terms of business point of view is the huge cost savings and risk in the IT investment.  it has become a variable cost rather than a fixed cost.  It reduces significantly the required amount of capital expenses as well as operational expenses.  They do not have to buy expensive equipment to start a business but just pay-per-use cloud services.  Moreover they do not have to worry on upgrading computer facilities as they grow bigger because the cloud can support it without any size limitation at all.

The picture below shows the three major services available on the cloud to cover all the IT needs.

  1. IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service): Businesses rent the hardware: processor and data storage.
  2. PAAS (Platform As A Service): Businesses rent the hardware, operating system, and development tool to run their own developed applications.
  3. SAAS (Software As A Service): Businesses rent everything namely hardware, operating system, and application software to run it just using a simple notebook with an internet browser.

The Cloud Services

The threats

As you can see from the changes mentioned above, there will be a huge reduction on the needs of hardware especially servers and IT human resources especially the network administrator alike.  Most businesses will no longer buy servers in the same amount like before.  They do not need a heavy desktop or notebook computer with high processing power anymore since the all processes will no longer be done locally on the users’ computer but on the cloud servers.  The users just need a simple hardware such as a tablet computer or even a smartphone.  This future trends surely a serious affect to the hardware companies.

But, the IT workforce in software engineering especially in cloud computing technology will surely be the stars needed by cloud vendors, big corporates who still want to have their own private cloud, and amazingly to be the next billionaires as the future cloudpreneurs.

The Opportuniies.

What does it mean to receive just a dollar ? but, it makes you a billionaire if you receive it from a million people.  Yes, this is the opportunity you get in the cloud computing era.  Have you ever heard that cloud computing era has made it easy for someone who master the technology to become even a young billionaire.  The most recent example is the creator of a simple game called Angry bird has made a fortune with US$70 millions.

Think on the business application such as accounting.  How much will you make if you have a 1 million customers renting each month with the amount of just Rp 500 thousands.  Why do they want to rent such a need ?.  Well, they will surely save a lot of money such as IT staff, Accountant, hardware acquisition, maintenance, and more.

It is really up to your believe on how you will value this happening which will determine what your action will be.  If I may give you a suggestion especially for high school graduates, do not take IT major unless it is in cloud computing and as a software engineer because it is the only future you get in the IT industry.