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To All High School Graduates in Indonesia,

If you have read the article “The Cloud Computing: changes, opportunities, and threats”, you should understand it clearly that there is a very serious consideration you have to take in making a decision of your future. What do you want to be in the future ?.

In the next four years which is the time you will likely to graduate from a university, the cloud computing technology will be so much more advanced than it is right now.  Remember the time when a world wide web (WWW) first appeared, it is still very primitive as a collection of static pages the same like brochures.  But, see how it is now, it has animation, videos, user interaction, data entry, and much more.

The cloud computing era is another major breakthrough and transformation in IT technology.  The world is no longer the same like before.  Neglecting it will surely affect yourself.  When the digital technology came to the world of photography, one leading brand in the camera industry was very persistent on thinking that the digital technology can never replace the quality of analog technology.  What did happen then?.  They almost went bankrupt and even now they are no longer as the leading brand as before.  Please read my article “The Cloud World: Go Cloud or Go Bankrupt” published by Campus Indonesia Magazine on August 2011 to understand more about the reason why.

The non-cloud computing IT jobs needed by the industry will be reduced significantly, especially at the small and medium companies except at the large companies with 1000+ employees will still need cloud-IT staffs to develop their private cloud and, more over, the cloud computing service providers and developers.

Sincerely, First I give you a personal advice not to take IT major unless it is in cloud computing technology and especially in software engineering. There has been a wrong thoughts saying that software engineering is the most difficult subject.  Well, It is not true because mathematics is also thought to be very difficult by some people.  The problem lies on the education system that does not know how to teach it in the right way. Nothing is difficult, if there is a will then there is a way.  But, absolutely, software engineering is the most promising carrier for the future that can make you a billionaire as Cloudpreneur.

Secondly, you must focus on one technology platform to be a real expert. It is more than enough to study the engine of the best car in the world to master car’s technology.  Be a specialist, not a generalist that know a little about everything but cannot do anything.

Thirdly, you must choose the leading player to have a better future. We know that there are two sources driving the computer industry development:  international organizations (De jure) and leading companies in the industry (de facto).  The leading company in the industry will certainly have strong influences on the trends of the technology for the future.  And also it will have the largest market share and job opportunities as well.

Purwadhika Nusantara brings you the future as a software engineer in the cloud computing technology, focusing on one platform, and with the leading player in the industry “Microsoft”. It surely offers you a brighter future considering all the options that you will get; to work at about 2 millions Microsoft Partners around the world including developers and big corporates customers with a highly paid salary, or to become a billionaire as a Cloudpreneur with the smallest possible investment: your creativity and your laptop.


Purwa Hartono MSCNG BSCS

Founder of Institute of Technology Purwadhika Nusantara