Cloud computing is catching on rapidly, and while technology giants like Google and Apple are doing all they can to get a piece of the cloud, the television and telecom industry in India is not far behind. Star India is has decided to get into the cloud and offer all its programmes on the Cloud TV platform!

While there’s still some debate about the future of Cloud TV, Star India is all set to be the first player in India to shift all its operations to the cloud. Star is going in for a sweeping change which will revolutionise the broadcasting industry in the country right from production and distribution to delivery of programmes to the consumer in high definition (HD), and probably 3D too.

There’s no doubting the impact that cloud computing — like any other significant progression in IT — will have on potential cost savings by moving operations to the cloud. Like Richard Marcello of Unisys Cloud TV, a major cloud player and a Global Worldwide information technology company says, “We were able to eliminate a whole bunch of US-based jobs and replace them with two folks in India and serve a 1,200-person engineering organisation.” Well said, but will Cloud TV trigger local TV’s demise just the way Internet news and media has marked a downturn in the popularity of the newspaper?