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Facebook made some significant announcements July 6, all important to the company and to the online social networking market. First, Facebook announced that it has surpassed the 750 million-member mark, with a cool 1 billion clearly within reach. The last time Facebook talked about its membership last October, it had just passed 500 million. Secondly, Facebook started up its group chat feature, one that had been requested by users for a long while. Along with that, Facebook made a few site design changes that will make it easier to use the chat and group-chat functions. Finally, the company revealed a new partnership with Skype, the world’s largest peer-to-peer video service which is on track to become the property of Microsoft. Finally, Facebook launched its long-anticipated video chat service—powered, of course, by Skype. The Facebook, Skype and Microsoft (Skype’s future owner) dynamic will be interesting to watch in the coming months and years, since the world’s largest software company will have substantial investments in both companies.