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robotik Indonesia With The Advanced Technology Development

Human life is now faced with the development of advanced technologies that can not be avoided. You may have noticed a growing reality at this time many of the robots resemble human or humanoid has been developed called.

Anyone can dance, anyone can play the violin. In Japan alone there are a humanoid that resembles a beautiful woman and perfect for commercial use. Not only that, robots were used in factories, battlefield, and also on the operating table.

Perhaps the first should be a reliable programmer to be able to control a robot. But with cloud computing system to be developed by Microsoft, Institute of Technology Purwadhika Archipelago, and the World Robotic Explorer seems everyone can have a robot smart and can control it.

As is known, cloud computing is a database that can be accessed by using the internet. All data will be stored on the server, everyone can access the data through proprietary technologies such as smartphones, netbook or notebook. Therefore, there is limited data compared to existing data in a gadget.

It used its time large-sized computers such as cabinets. People need to be connected with a terminal or server to access the data. Then, develop an individual computer or a notebook to be able to store personal data.

Appropriate development, the experts consider it insufficient. After berkembangya Internet technology grew a cloud computing technology that is not limited.

With this technology, the three entities engaged in the development of IT on trying to develop intelligent robots with a high level of intelligence.

With this system, no need to be a programmer, all the people who do not even have the expertise in IT can even control the robot using a gadget that is often used through the Internet and without a sophisticated computerized system for robot brains all stored in the ‘cloud’ or the internet .

“The robot can communicate with robots in the rest of the world, and can communicate with people regardless of distance,” said Purwo Hartono, founder of the Institute of Technology Purwadhika Nusantara, when met reporters in the wre, Thamrin City, June 27, 2011.

So, people can control their robots remotely even with only rely on the Internet.

However, is it possible the development of robotics in Indonesia will run
smooth considering the infrastructure in this country still a mess?

According to Risman Adnan, Director of Development & Platform Microsoft Indonesia, the infrastructure is one of weakness but he did not want it to be a major stumbling block for the development of robotic world of Indonesia. “The biggest obstacle that lies in the bandwidth as in Indonesia is still expensive,” Risman said.

However, this certainly did not dampen the third step the agency. Even by Jully Tjindrawan, founder of the World Robotic Explorer, they have developed a robot that can be controlled via the Apple OS as the iPad, iPhone, or Mac. “We’ve developed the control of the iPad and iPhone, is currently being developed robotic control of the android OS and Microsoft,” he said.

On the same occasion, the World Robotic Explorer also shows the sophistication of the robots are controlled with the iPad. And indeed, look very sophisticated and easy.